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Our Beneficiaries.

The crafts & creations hand-made by the beneficiaries are able to support them in multiple ways like - supporting their and their children's needs, supplements their income, or rebuild her life free from violence and to become financially stable for them to move into a new home.


Braider & Beneficiary

Selma is a survivor of domestic violence and was residing in a crisis shelter with her 4 children. 


Braider & Beneficiary

Hazel is a quiet but proud survivor of domestic abuse and a mother of one.


She has a keen eye for details and a quick study. She finds braiding a form of relaxation from her hectic schedule balancing work and home.


Braider & Beneficiary

Rita is a survivor of sexual assault and sought refuge from the crisis shelter.​


Braider & Beneficiary

Wendy is a survivor of domestic violence at Star Shelter.


Being visually challenged, she prefers simple beading. She is neat and methodical at her work.


Braider & Beneficiary

Belinda was a victim of domestic violence for more than a decade until she decided to leave her abusive relationship in 2017. 


Braider & Beneficiary

Diana is a survivor of domestic violence residing in the shelter with her 3-year-old son.


Braider & Beneficiary

Mara is a survivor of spousal violence and was residing in a crisis shelter. 


Braider & Beneficiary

Nina is a survivor of domestic violence residing in the shelter with her primary school-aged son.


She likes bold and bright colors and takes strong ownership of her work. She loves to learn new patterns and is quick and thorough with her work. She is known to unravel an entire braid because she found a tiny error in the knot! 

*The names of the beneficiaries have been changed to protect their identities

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