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The PoPstrings Project story.

Established in 2016, PoPstrings is the brainchild of Dr Rajeshree Nimish Parekh, more affectionately known as Gina. She is one of the lead volunteers at Star Shelter, under the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO). Stronger together, Gina has been working with fellow volunteers to empower survivors of domestic violence who seek temporary refuge at Star Shelter. 


PoP stands for “Power of Positivity” and through the PoPstrings Project, residents at Star Shelter have been introduced to bracelet-braiding - a new hobby to bond over and find joy in. For them, PoPstrings is a means of supplemental income from the sales of handmade creations.

Over the past 5 years, PoPstrings Project has also worked with Babes, a teenage pregnancy crisis service to teach these young moms the art of mindful braiding and we continue to explore new opportunities to work with women on initiatives that resonate with our cause and purpose of upliftment and empowerment.

The foundations of PoPstrings has been built on strong support from volunteers that participate in activities such as training, beading & braiding, administration support and a lot of behind the scenes work which allows us to create and sell these beautiful pieces of jewellery.  


Our Mission.

To forge a sisterhood amongst women and set positive intentions to rebuild their lives through beading & braiding jewellery.

Our Vision.

To spread the power of positivity - one braid at a time.

Our Core Values.

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