I quit my career in the fall of 2016 with a hope to find my life calling. I started looking for ways in which I could create a tangible source of positive energy for people that I love.


I found happiness in handcrafting bracelets that gave me a channel to exhibit my creativity and pass forward the positive intention put in each braid, glue, and stitch. At the same time, I started volunteering with children and for women's causes. I decided to combine the two. What if I made bracelets with the power of positive intention and donate the profits to charity?


The PoPstrings Project was born.


Proceeds from the bracelet handmade by Gina will go toward crisis shelters for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. 


Braider & Beneficiary

Selma is a survivor of domestic violence and was residing in a crisis shelter with her 4 children. 


Proceeds from the bracelet handmade by Selma can help support her and her children's needs.


Braider & Beneficiary

Belinda was a victim of domestic violence for more than a decade until she decided to leave her abusive relationship in 2017. 


Proceeds from the bracelet handmade by Belinda supplements her current income as she tries to rebuild her life free from violence. 


Braider & Beneficiary

Mara is a survivor of spousal violence and was residing in a crisis shelter. 


Proceeds from the bracelet handmade by Mara supplements her income.


Braider & Beneficiary

Rita is a survivor of sexual assault and sought refuge from the crisis shelter.

Proceeds from the bracelets handmade by Rita will help her fund her daily needs.

The names of the beneficiaries are changed to protect their identities