Peace and Love

As the species closest to the sky, the Bird symbolises freedom. Breaking free and gaining independence from what holds it back, it also brings new beginnings. The Bird is also a symbol of peace and love.

Image by Vivek Doshi

Empowerment and Eternity

In a world of distractions and complexities, the Infinity sign is a symbol of empowerment and eternity that reminds us to be conscious of our present and the endless possibilities we have before us.

Infinity Tattoo.jpeg
Hamsa Hand.png
Hamsa Hand

Protection and Health

The Hamsa Hand is a sign of protection against negative energy. It symbolizes blessings, power, and strength - bringing its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.


Strength and Purpose

What matters is not the number of steps you take or how fast you go, but the Footprints you leave behind. Trudge on as you find strength and keep your purpose in sight with every step of the way.

Image by Timothy Klingler

Hope and Revival

Every Leaf speaks of hope and bliss, fluttering from the tree. Even when the leaves fall off, more leaves grow again. So don’t lose heart because when spring comes, you will find yourself stronger than before.

Image by okeykat

Joy and Prosperity

More than monetary, prosperity is also about how you look at reality, and yourself. At its root, it is all about joy. The Lotus invites happiness into the lives of those who try their best to remain positive. Know that you are enough, overcome your fear and doubt, and make the choice to actively step into your ideal self.

Image by he zhu

Balance and Calm

A mirror of the mind’s journey, the Om symbol also represents three qualities - harmony, movement, and inertia. When the Om is sounded in a group, it unifies and reminds you to slow down your breathing and recalibrate your life for greater balance.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Energy and Vitality

As the universal source of light, the Sun brings energy to life. Reflecting happiness and vitality, the Sun represents good things and positive outcomes to current struggles.

Image by Tanishq Tiwari
Tree of Life.png
Tree of Life

Growth and Abundance

A symbol of growth and abundance, the Tree of Life represents our personal development and individual beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and extend towards the sky, we work towards betterment.

Image by Sean Brown