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Gift ideas for girl friends!

By Lynnice Ng | 23rd May 2021

With many people working from home, you may not be meeting your girlfriend or girlfriends (your BFFs!) as often as you would like to. To encourage and motivate one another, you may be thinking of getting a gift for your girlfriend. If you're one of those people, we've got 5 great gift ideas for your girlfriend.

Gift Idea #1 Face Mask Chain

This is the perfect gift for your girlfriend now since everyone needs to wear a mask. If you are not carrying a bag, you’ll find myself stuffing my mask into your pocket, if you have one, to begin with. Other times, you may place it on the table, which, in itself, is unhygienic and may attract more virus onto the mask.

With a pretty stylish face mask chain, she would not have to worry about dropping the mask or having to place her mask in her pocket. These chains which are hooked on the mask straps, allows you conveniently hang your mask around your neck when they’re off. They can also double up as a necklace. These come in different colourways and are handmade by ladies from PoPstrings, a non-profit group to support survivors of domestic violence. Check them out here.

Gift Idea #2 Bracelet

For your girlfriend who is always on the go, a bracelet would be perfect. It's versatile and can match with any outfit she wears while being fashionable. Though many of us may be mostly staying at home during this period, it feels good to be wearing a nice bracelet even when you are simply going out to buy takeaway food. Wearing a bracelet gifted by you also makes it easy for your girlfriend to think of you when she sees the bracelet. You can check up a range of bracelets from the PoPstrings website here to purchase one and put your money into a good cause.

A bracelet maybe a little gift, but it goes a long way to maintain your relationship or friendship.

Gift Idea #3 Earrings

For someone special in your life, earrings are a great way to show them they're important - without saying anything at all! They also come in different shapes and sizes. For girls, there’s never going to be the last pair of earrings.

A pair of chic earrings can add some colour to an otherwise dull day. With video meetings now to be the norm, a ‘meet-up’ with your girlfriend can be via zoom, WhatsApp video or Facetime. Since you are only going to see each other’s face, wearing a different pair of earrings each time you meet may help to spice up your meeting visually.

Looking for a unique pair of earrings, check out these handmade ones at PoPstrings here and lend your support to a worthy cause.

Gift Idea #4 Necklace

A classy necklace is always a great gift for your girlfriend. It can be simple and do not have to be extravagant and will catch the eye of anyone who sees it. With virtual work meetings now, it pays to spend some time to dress up the upper part of your body which includes adding a contemporary necklace to go with your formal dress or blouse. The right necklace can make or break your branding or professional image. Help your girlfriend out by choosing a differentiated necklace here for her to enable her to stand out from the crowd.

Gift Idea #5 Rings

Rings are not necessarily for those married or engaged, but instead, they can be a pretty accessory for any woman, including your girlfriend. While a ring may not necessarily be visible from the screen, it is a pleasant accessory to have with our hands on our keyboard most of the time. When we look down at our keyboard, it will be difficult not to notice that ring. It will put a smile on your girlfriend, knowing that someone out there is thinking of her.


More about PoPstrings

Established in 2016, PoPstrings is founded by Dr Rajeshree Nimish Parekh, more affectionately known as Gina. She is one of the lead volunteers at Star Shelter, under the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO). Stronger together, Gina has been working with fellow volunteers to empower survivors of domestic violence who seek temporary refuge at Star Shelter.

PoP stands for “Power of Positivity” and through the PoPstrings Project, residents at Star Shelter have been introduced to bracelet-braiding - a new hobby to bond over and find joy in. For them, PoPstrings is a means of supplemental income from the sales of handmade creations.

A gift a month can make your girlfriend's day. Check out these five great gift ideas for your girlfriend that she will love. In this day and age where we are inundated with too much news, social media feeds, messages, push notifications and more, a small gift where you can touch and feel can make a great difference to one’s mental well-being. Wait no more, shop at PoPstrings today.

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