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Which jewellery should I buy?

By Faith Wang | 10th May 2021

Many of us often struggle to pick out the right jewellery pieces to match our clothing pieces. Not to worry, our team at PoPstrings have come up with a few examples of how you can style our jewellery pieces by the neckline of your outfits.

These are some simple everyday examples of how you can style our jewellery with basic clothing pieces. We hope that these will provide you with some ideas on how you can style our pieces.


Boat neckline tops with our Ivy necklace

Looking to spice up some of your boat neck tops or dresses? Here’s an idea for you, pair our very own Ivy necklace with your boat neckline tops to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Our Ivy necklace is made with a vintage crystal pendant and a mixture of colourful accent beads to add a feminine yet bohemian touch to your outfits.

Plain top with our Gerbera brooch

Looking to style your plain top? The quickest and easiest way to change up your look is to add a brooch to your shirt. Our brightly jewelled beaded brooch will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd no matter where you go. Handcrafted with Czech Superduo beads and fire-polished beads, this unique brooch is sure to bedazzle everyone in the room.

Cami top with Eva Earrings

Switch up a casual day outfit to a glam night outfit with our Eva earrings. Our Eva earrings will transform any boring outfit instantly. Handcrafted with beads and pearls, it will add a feminine and elegant touch to your outfit.


At PoPstrings, we aim to do that every day through our pieces of handmade jewelry. Spread the Power of Positivity, own your won PoPstring Head over to our website to shop and support the survivors of domestic violence >>>

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